High School Students Talk Passions, Overcoming Challenges

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Episode Season 4, Episode 4

Episode Overview

High school is a transformational time for students, as they begin to establish their independence as young adults. Four members of Dr. Gordon’s Superintendent Student Advisory Council recently joined the Voices of District 303 podcast to talk about their high school experiences and share secrets for success. 

One key takeaway from their conversation was the importance of getting involved. 

“While academics are such a big important thing, having the different clubs and extracurriculars to be a part of, that gives you more of a drive to go to school. You meet so many new people, and you learn so many different skills. It really changes your perspective on school, and it made it a better place for me,” said Maddy Spaeth, a senior at East High School. 

Each student detailed how devoting time to hobbies and passions outside of the classroom has helped them develop into more well-rounded people. These experiences gave them the chance to discover new talents, increase social interactions with peers who shared similar interests, and improve time management skills. 

“It does get pretty hectic and busy sometimes, and there’s definitely a balancing act to it,” said Evan Reck, a junior at North High School. “But I do think you should try to do as many things as you can, within reason. That’s how you’re going to find the most friends and opportunities.”

They also addressed misconceptions that people might have about high schoolers, as well as how to navigate peer pressure. 

“I just feel like it’s very important to say no, and to learn to say no, because I was never someone who would say no to anyone. Now, I constantly say no if that’s not something I align with,” said Nishi Patel, a senior at East High School. “The first time is hard, but eventually it gets easier-just take the first leap.”

The students took time to celebrate educators who have been influential to their academic journeys and their view on what makes a great teacher. 

“I would say the majority, if not all, of our teachers are exemplary at what they’re teaching.  But I think moving past that, it’s the relationships built that really makes someone their favorite teacher,” said Keshav Gupta, a senior at North High School. “The times they might see them in the hallway or outside of school and spark that conversation. It’s the little things, those extra moments.”


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