How District 303 Developed its Strategic Plan

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Episode Season 4, Episode 1

Episode Overview

District 303 is in its first year of implementing a new five-year Strategic Plan, which was approved by the Board last summer. The plan guides the District’s long-term priorities, resources and intended outcomes in order to drive student success. 

The plan is the culmination of work from the Strategic Plan Development Committee. Over the course of eight months, the committee of nearly 20 individuals from across the District met often to research and deliberate elements of the plan, and gathered feedback from staff and stakeholders. 

Two members of the committee, Becky Prebble and Sabreena Kapadia, recently were guests of the Voices of D303 Podcast to discuss their involvement with the plan’s development and its overall impact. 

Becky Prebble, an English teacher at Compass Academy, signed up to help support the innovative work within the District. “So to be involved with helping to work that into the fabric of what we’re doing over the next five years and make sure that all of those voices were heard was really important to me,” said Prebble. 

“The plan affects staff members, community members and students. It was really important for us to always be changing and growing and trying to better ourselves,” said Sabreena Kapadia, a senior at North High School. “Having a small part in that and sharing my voice I thought was cool for me to be able to do and important for the future.” 

You can view the Strategic Plan online.

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